Finding Your Operational Tempo


In today’s fast paced world, it can be easy to get caught up in the lie that everything must move at a breakneck pace all the time. Surely more and faster must be the way of the world, unchallengeable truths. But out here, in the real world, that couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s a right pace for you and for your business – in terms of activity, growth, reporting, marketing, and any other area that matters. Finding a pace that allows you to grow aggressively, but comfortably, is the only thing that will allow your business to survive long term. In addition, if you’re constantly re-assessing and re-strategizing, there’s no time to put all of that planning to good use – in raw day-to-day operations.

Finding Your Tempo

This is truly one of the biggest challenges of the modern business owner as it demands both acute attention and selective ignorance. What are the key details you need to be aware of to operate at peak performance? What seem to be but are really just distractions? Ultimately, it’s those things that demand your unique skills and perspective. Everything else, and I mean everything, should be intelligently delegated (if essential) or set aside completely. Without that kind of focus and patience, you’ll never get anywhere. Caught in the frantic flurry of collective over-information you’ll be either stuck in overdrive or paralyzed, neither of which are sustainable long term.

So, what’s your first step – Unplug. Completely. – For as long as it takes to understand where you are, where you need to be, and a clear path from A to B. Then, slowly, bring your tempo back up until you’re challenged but not exhausted, engaged, but never ready to break.

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