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Closing the Gap Between Social Media and E2.0

As Social and Collaborative technologies have become more and more sophisticated and specialized, a divide was created and for some time now has been widening. Particularly in the business context, this progression has reached a point where the technologies fall into two unique camps. As practitioners and researchers in Social Network Analysis, though, a bit [...]

When an Influence Score is “Good Enough”


Much has been written about the different influence scores and their corresponding algorithms. It might seem that this debate could go on forever. Influence is incredibly complex, as are the methodologies for unpacking its mysteries. Some use one score, some many – always a different group of attributes and factors coming together for an approximation [...]

Finding Your Influence Sweet Spot


As we charge headfirst into 2011, the topic and conversation around influence is hotter than ever. In 2010, we saw a lot of conjecture around what influence is, how it is measured, its relationship to Social Media, as well as a variety of other topics. Here at Ressive we covered several of these areas in [...]

Taking the Fear Out of “Advanced Analytics”


Many of the areas of research we’re interested in fall into the somewhat artificial category of “advanced analytics.” Upon hearing that phrase it’s been my experience that a great many people recoil in terror or at the very least get a slightly glassy-eyed stare. I imagine the internal monologue goes something like this: “Oh great, [...]

Does Social Media Kill Relationships?

Before the attack wave begins let me start by saying I whole-heartedly believe Social Media can help facilitate real, authentic, relationship development. But, there are deeper and more sinister forces at work as well. At the core of the “problem” with the impact of Social Media on relationships is the dividing line between two methodologies. [...]